Keto expertise

Indulging yourself without guilt

Are you following a Keto lifestyle, low-carb or Paleo diet, or simply looking to eat healthier? Niji’s keto offering has been specially designed to meet your needs… and desires.

A full Keto menu

Niji Sushi Bar in Quartier DIX30 in Brossard has been recognized since 2007 for its high-quality and creative sushi.

Pushing innovation even further, we now offer a complete Keto menu: Keto starters, Keto sushi, Keto desserts and even a wide range of low-carb wines and cocktails. We propose sushi without rice or with cauliflower rice with reworked recipes to reduce carbohydrates using top quality products adapted to the ketogenic lifestyle as well as certain weight loss diets while being tasty at the height of our know-how.

To enjoy at the restaurant... or at home

Our Keto offering is available in the dining room for lunch and dinner, for takeout or delivery.

It’s simple: all our Keto dishes are identified by the K sign on the menu.

Exquisite flavors and conscious eating come together here giving you a guilt-free tasting experience. Who says eating healthy should be boring?